Hardheaded Ram Organics/ Resin / Semi Metallic (OSM) disc brake pads are made with the best fibers and organic material bonded together with resin. Kevlar reinforced made these pads softer and quieter than the competition. High Friction Coefficient 0.5 made less heat buildup. All weather compound. The replacement part for OEM Brakes for high braking power. Comparable with Most Brands Perfect replacement for any bike. Our products will do its primary function to stop with out making noise. They are made of premium organic /resin / semi-metallic material that is easier to control and quieter than sintered metal. They are sturdy and durable.


Quiet, easy install, brakes on a fraction of time, stop squealing, if noise continues change the rotor with Hardheaded Ram brand. Our quality paired with world-class customer service is what makes us the ONLY choice for premium parts with a low cost and long miles of breaking power with no squeal.


Unlike other brands, the Hardheaded Ram brake pad is constructed with high standards that provides a better riding. Will fit rim size 20, 26, 27.5, 29 inches wheels as well as 140, 160, 180 and 203 mm rotors. Made of air cooled organic semi-metallic material, they are easier to control and quieter than the sintered metal.

★ PERFECT FIT FOR – Bike & Bicycle Brake Pads for Shimano XTR #RIDESHIMANO, Saint, Deore, BR-M975, BR-M765, BR-M585, BR-M776, BR-M966, BR-M665, BR-M545, BR-M965, BR-M601, BR-M535, BR-M800, BR-M596, BR-R505, BR-M775, BR-M595, BR-T665, M800

★ STRONG BRAKING POWER – We designed these product with you in mind. All weather conditions, rain or shine, with sun, wet, dry or dirt. Replace rear, front, mechanical or hydraulic brakes. E-bikes, hybrid, MTB, touring, mt, road, bmx, kid all kind new and old bikes. They are quiet, discrete, and durable. Bulk available. Carbon Fiber available.

★ LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We know you have options here and we want to make the best choice the best. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason our product does not live up your expectations, ship it back to us for a replacement or a full refund. The choice will be yours #hardheadedram

Experts in researching and testing different brake pads, rotors, titanium screws, parts and more.  Lowest price at the best quality. Bike and Bicycle lovers from Northridge, California.

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